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Assessment, Certification, Inspection and Training Body for TS 16949, ISO 50001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, Energy Audits, CDM/VCS Validation and Verification, Sustainable Reporting, ISO 14064 - GHG Accounting, Social Compliance Audits, CE Marking, IRCA Trainings, and hold accreditation from UKAS, IATF, NABCB.

ISO 50001 Certification Audit at enterprise wide level

URS Certification Ltd offers approved ISO 50001:2018 certificate in India. We are accepted with the EGAC for Energy Management System certification.

URS Certification is a India's Best Green Energy Audit and Conservation Firm

We provide Green ENERGY AUDIT certification and Training Services. An energy audit could be a depth inventory of the energy performance of your Organization.

ISO/TS 16949:2009 to IATF 16949:2016 QMS

Corporations certified to ISO/TS 16949:2009 shall transition to the brand new IATF 16949 Quality Management System, thru a transition audit in keeping with the present day audit cycle for ISO/TS 16949:2009 in line with the allowable timing requirements described within the IATF guidelines.
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7:26am - 01 JunPublic

Environmental Management System:Role of International Standard Organization

Environmental Management system’s Success not only depend on the Top management of the Organization rather it depend on the commitment at all functional level of the Organization and no International Organization can change any Organization’s legal requirement.
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11:35am - 30 MayPublic

Authorised ISO 9001:2015 Standard Certification

This QMS is the international standard ISO 9001:2015 has been published by ISO technical committee on 2015 at fifth version of qms. Increase your control system with our fine trendy. Which allows companies to meet the expectations and needs of their customers.
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10:19am - 28 MayPublic

Benefits which i got after Electrical safety audit.

Electrical safety audit helps in the Verification of electrical equipment from Central Electricity Authority under the Indian Electricity Rules.
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6:27am - 25 MayPublic
ISO 50001 Certification Commercial Enterprise Franchise Opportunity

Beautify your company via the use of committing to sustainable electricity practices with certification closer to the up to date ISO 50001 energy control management systems contemporary.

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5:17am - 23 MayPublic

URS Guide to Energy Audit Management system and Improvement.

We assist our clients in improving the Energy performance of their facility. Energy Audit requires to identify measures those are ignored in the plant and units.
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12:21pm - 20 MayPublic

IATF 16949 Tools Implementation for Quality Management System

A Quality Management System based on IATF 16949: Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Statistical Process Control (SPC), Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
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11:26am - 15 MayPublic

Environmental Performance of Organizations

We provide guidelines for the measure, monitor and evaluate the implementation and management of Organizations Environmental Performance Improving.
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12:12pm - 13 MayPublic

How to achieve continual improvement through ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 use the internal audit program to continuous improvement by the objectives set of your Quality Management Systems.
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7:33am - 09 MayPublic

Electrical Safety Audits helps in Identifying

Identification and elimination of safety hazards, Development of a dynamic record of safety performance, Creation of positive cycle of safety improvement, Ensuring longevity of expensive electronic equipment.
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12:21pm - 06 MayPublic

Welcome to URS is leading Energy Audit Company in India

The Energy Audit gives the customized solutions comprehend value savings by using improving performance of your techniques and reducing your energy usage.
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6:31am - 03 MayPublic

ISO 50001 Energy Management System Solutions

Upgrade your association by focusing on feasible energy rehearses with certification against the updated ISO 50001 Standard of Energy Management Systems.
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12:01pm - 30 AprPublic

Rules for achieving and maintaining IATF 16949 recognition

Most of the changes in IATF 16949 International Automotive Certification Strategy ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949 that have occurred between 2009 and 2016 in the automotive industry and marketplace.
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10:28am - 27 AprPublic

ISO 14001 focuses on developing environmental management systems

ISO 14001 is the environmental management system standard. URS offers ISO 14001 standard cycle of Planning, instructions, materials, services for fast growing of industrial.
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7:27am - 24 AprPublic

The idea of risk is definitely implicit in ISO 9001:2015 risk that needs to be designed throughout the entirety of your quality management system.

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11:13am - 22 AprPublic
ISO 50001 Certification for energy management system


URS provides energy management system certification to ISO 50001 & Business lead Auditor Trainings, Our company is also approved by UKAS for ISO 50001.
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11:37am - 18 AprPublic

In order to keep everything in control, electrical safety audit tends to be necessary. Moreover , it is considered by the government as an aspect whose parameters should be met.
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10:53am - 15 AprPublic

We make the HACCP certification process

HACCP Certification is the international standard that elaborates the needs to maintaining a safety food production. These are built with seven core principles.
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9:24am - 12 AprPublic

IATF 16949:2016 Certification are requirements for an enhanced automotive quality management system.

One of the most important areas of emphasis in IATF 16949 standard certification is essential for organizations who want to make parts for the motor vehicle and manufacture industry. meaning an automotive company seeking IATF 16949 certification requires compliance with ISO 9001 for quality management systems.
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10:27am - 08 AprPublic

ISO 14001 is world's most recognised environmental management system

ISO 14001 family of standard is the protocol that is used by the auditing personnel while Certification to provide assurance that the organization has assured its effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.
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10:18am - 08 AprPublic

ISO 14001 is world's most recognised environmental management system

ISO 14001 family of standard is the protocol that is used by the auditing personnel while Certification to provide assurance that the organization has assured its effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.
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7:50am - 06 AprPublic

The New Addition to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard is The Risk Based Thinking

ISO 9001 is the standard that facilitates developments in Business by thorough checking of Risks and Opportunities. Alongside, improvisation of this standard ensures process strengthening by executing Quality Management System.
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7:00am - 05 AprPublic
The electrical safety audit done by the auditors of URS Certification

The Electrical safety audit is generally conducted for the organizations for investigation if there are any concerns and complaints made by the workers about and the electrical safety also if there is any other general or electrical safety hazards at the area that needs to be addressed.
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6:41am - 02 AprPublic

Internationally recognized ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management standard Systems Certification

ISO 50001: 2018 is the revised version of this Energy Management offering a robust framework that optimizes energy efficiency in the private sector and public sector organizations.
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12:21pm - 29 MarPublic
Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points

It's very easy to reduce the look of why we live bothering to build up a HACCP system. The complete purpose is to produce safe food and safe ground consumers. The result to make the HACCP system user friendly will prevent food security failures that could have significant results on consumers the meals procedure and the personnel.
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11:06am - 27 MarPublic
IATF 16949 Automotive Process Approach Auditing

The main element to IATF 16949 automotive certification is the fact organizations that don't have good metrics shouldn't be registered.Produce strong consequence criteria for the auditor to complete to verify that the business being recommended is definitely worth IATF 16949.

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5:32am - 26 MarPublic

ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification has a variety of benefits not limited to the environment but also for your business as well.this Criteria are all over and play an important role throughout the economy.
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11:10am - 19 MarPublic

ISO 9001 Quality Management Explained

The ISO 9001 QMS certification provided by URS is an indication of adherence to the standards and effectively meeting the QMS requirements as URS is an experienced QMS Auditing Firm offering Value Auditing Services.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management that entirely focus on customers, process approach, the application of Top Management and constant development.
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4:49am - 18 MarPublic

Electrical Safety Audits

Electrical Safety Audit is examining the safety of electrical installations of any industrial unit or organization. Electrical Safety Audit is performed by enquiry, inspection, testing and verification.

Electrical Safety Audits are conducted by experienced professionals who assist clients in reducing risk and help to ensure compliance with applicable Safety Standards and Regulations.
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11:17am - 15 MarPublic

ISO 50001 - Energy Management System

ISO 50001 - Energy Management System Standard Certification requires organizations to promote energy savings initiatives and establishes for the reduction of energy intensiveness of a company’s operation.
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11:11am - 13 MarPublic
HACCP - Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points

Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points ( HACCP ) is a scientific approach to identify hazard in a food system and apply the result in eliminating or controlling them to ensure that the food is safe for the customers.

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7:12am - 12 MarPublic
You Can Implement IATF 16949:2016

Quality management system requirements for automotive production and relevant services parts organization.IATF 16949 is aligned with ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems standard and fully respecting this structure and requirements.
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7:48am - 07 MarPublic
ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that outlines how to put an effective environment management system in place in your organization.

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10:05am - 05 MarPublic
ISO 9001:2015 Includes

As per the ISO 9001:2015, the QMS require detailed documentation. This means all the procedure taking place or activities done needs to be documents which adequate information for proper implementation of the processes. This needs to be retained as an evidence of the performed activities.

ISO 9001 in the Quality Management System is a widely practiced standard that specifies the needs for QMS in different industries. http://www.ursindia.com/iso_9001/New%20Delhi.aspx
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11:13am - 02 MarPublic
ISO 45001:2018 Certification Benefits

ISO 45001 Certification standard for your occupational health & safety coverage, risk can be determined and removed or reduced before they may become hazards.

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10:37am - 28 FebPublic

Energy Audit is the key to a systematic approach for decision- marketing in the area of energy management.

The confirmation, monitoring and evaluation useful of energy including distribution of technical statement containing advice for bettering energy efficiency with cost profit research and an action intend to reduce energy ingestion.
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10:57am - 26 FebPublic

ISO 13485 is a Quality Management System for medical device industry

ISO 13485 is the countrywide and international level standard specifically for quality management Systems to the quality of medical device manufacturers and related industry.
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10:30am - 25 FebPublic

IT Companies must Put into practice ISMS and ISO 27001 Certified

ISO/IEC 27001 is the leading international standard for the information security management published by the international organization for standardization
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11:10am - 22 FebPublic
ISO 22000 certification scheme places out certain requirements for certification physiques to build up, implements and operate something for the analysis and certification of food security system of food making organizations also to assure its impartiality and competence.

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10:06am - 21 FebPublic
CE Marking Compliance Testing & Certification

we can help you get access in to the Western european test labs market by making sure your product fulfills all CE marking requirements. Email us today to demand a quote! https://bit.ly/2SoRuhn
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12:04pm - 19 FebPublic
Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)


SMETA is an members ethical trade audit format which studies on Sedex's four topic of Labour, Health insurance and Safeness, Environment and Business Ethics.
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9:02am - 15 FebPublic
Certification to ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management system

Occupational Health & Safety Certification by URS. ISO 45001 aims to help organizations the foundation for an effective better Protection, Access Control. Apply Online for ISO 45001 standard & certification cost.
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9:12am - 13 FebPublic

Department of Energy Audits

Energy Audits – Walk through, preliminary and detailed Energy Audits and Infrared Thermography Assessments in the various industries such as Electrical, Construction, in Cities India.
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11:38am - 11 FebPublic
ISO 13485:2016 - Medical devices
All requirements and primary objective of ISO 13485:2016 are specific to organizations facilitate harmonized medical device regulatory requirements for quality management systems.
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7:33am - 08 FebPublic
ISO/IEC 27001 Information security management System Certification international Standards helps selection enough and proportionate adjustments to organizations keep information assets secure.
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11:42am - 06 FebPublic
Food Industry is one of the most effective and biggest growing industry recently. ISO 22000 Standard is most significant Standard because Without Food Safety Management Systems, it is difficult or simply impossible for a company to get the trust of its consumers or even provide them efficiently.
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12:10pm - 05 FebPublic
http://www.ursindia.com/ce_marking/new%20delhi.aspx CE Marking Product Testing & Certification Services in India.

URS India product documentation services are designed to facilitate strategic placement of your product on the Western european market by guaranteeing your product suits all CE marking requirements.
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5:54am - 01 FebPublic

SEDEX Audit & SEMTA Audit Standards Certification

Sedex is sociable honest data exchange, which assists with controlling data of moral supply string. URS offers extensive SEDEX Audit and SEMT Audit programs that may be conducted regarding international standards.
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6:39am - 30 JanPublic
ISO 45001 - Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certification by URS.

ISO 45001 is an international ISO standard certification was developed by a group of Occupational Health & Safety Management System within your organization.

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11:51am - 25 JanPublic

Energy Audit and Improvements for Buildings

Energy Audit is an professional scientific study to establish pattern of electricity consumption and performance of an organization. Energy audit Certification in New Delhi is issued by URS.
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11:16am - 23 JanPublic

ISO 13485 The Quality Management System for Medical Devices

ISO 13485:2016 A Complete Guide to Quality Management in the Medical Device Industry.Obtain Certification for Medical Devices, Get online clauses and requirements process for ISO 13485 Standard.
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10:07am - 21 JanPublic
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Certification - URS Certification

ISO/IEC 27001 is a identification for an (ISMS) Information Security Management system published by the International Organization for Standardization and International Electro technical Commission. ISMS Information is a valuable asset that can make or break your business.

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10:19am - 17 JanPublic
ISO 22000 Standard Procedures for Food Safety Management system (FSMS) Standard.

ISO 22000 Standard Procedures for (FSMS) Food Safety Management system. A Guide to creating and implementing a food safety management system for any food retail organization in the supply chain.

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6:00am - 16 JanPublic

CE Marking - CE Certification by URS India

The CE mark is a mandatory European marking for certain product groups to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives.
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9:26am - 14 JanPublic
SEDEX/SEMTA Audits and Certification
SEDEX / SEMTA - Supplier Ethical Data Exchange program is a web-based system designed to help businesses improve the ethical performance of their Enabling responsible supply chain. We provide Sedex Certification services in India.
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9:02am - 11 JanPublic
ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Training & Certification Services

ISO 45001 standard replacing the OHSAS 18001:2007. ISO 45001 is a globally recognized standard, its is Reduce risk and promote Occupational Health and Safety Management System and requirements of the health and labor protection system of an organization.

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10:48am - 09 JanPublic
What is Energy Audit And Conservation
URS helps your industry do energy Shaving according to new facility and technologies.An energy audit is associate review survey associate analysis of energy flows.
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10:49am - 07 JanPublic

ISO 13485 - Quality Management System

ISO 13485:2016 Standard clauses and requirement for a quality management system and Risk management principles are applicable to all types of organizations irrespective of size or nature and applicable to all like Hospital, Health Care, Medical Devices in India.
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12:19pm - 03 JanPublic
ISO 27001 Certification is the management system for information security

URS Certification provide ISO 27001 Certification,gives you the freedom to grow and help you protect your system and minimize the risk from such sources information assets and valuable data.

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12:05pm - 02 JanPublic
ISO 22000 Standard:- Food Safety Management System Certification

ISO 22000 standard Food safety management system certification assist your any organization in the food industry pick out and control food safety obligations.

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7:34am - 30 Jun 2018Public
What is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

ISO 9001:2015 is an Global standard associated with quality management system in any company from all varieties of commercial enterprise sectors and activities.

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7:44am - 27 Jun 2018Public

Top Benefits of Having the ISO 14001 Certification

When it comes to implementing the ISO 14001 environmental management system for your business there are some benefits that you would be able to see
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10:42am - 25 Jun 2018Public

ISO 14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management System

ISO 14001:2015 is the international standard Certification for Environmental Management System can be certified.Transform your life environmental performance with this category of standards.
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