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Thanet Stone is a well-established monumental and memorial company with a record 35+ years of professional and speedy service. We take pride in producing the highest quality of works in a professional, reliable, timely, and affordable manner. We value the immense emotions attached to the headstones and memorials for your loved ones and pledge to meet your exact expectations.
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A Brief Guide To Headstone Cleaning in Kent

As your loved one rests in the cemetery, you would definitely want proper care to be taken at their grave site. In order to maintain the grave from becoming dirty, you are likely to clean and make it beautiful again.
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Granite Headstone Suppliers – Choosing the Right One

“Memories are there to remind of things that have gone before.” – John Peter Read The departed soul leaves many people heartbroken and fragile. It’s the time when the bereaved ones have to
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Granite Headstone Suppliers

Thanet Stone leads the list of premium quality Granite Headstone Suppliers. We offer the best Granite versions with custom inscriptions for the memorial.
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The Quick Guide To Choose Granite Headstone Suppliers

Memorializing a loved one takes a strong heart and immense love at the same time. One can’t expect the grievous moments to pass away so quickly. However, the one that has left the earth for a heavenly abode shall be remembered every now and then. This is why y
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Headstone Cleaning Kent

We, at Thanet Stone, specialise in offering high-quality headstone cleaning Kent and memorial cleaning services. Feel free to contact us at 01843 822840.
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How To Find The Right Headstone Maker In Kent

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart. The moments of grief due to an irreparable loss are insurmountable. However, you have to pay a rich tribute with a heavy heart to the loved one. A gravestone is a comm
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A Brief Guide To Choosing A Baby Headstone

In this hour of grief, you may be dealing with the anguish caused due to the irreparable loss. In a lasting tribute, you can decide to choose a memorial headstone as a symbol of remembrance for your child. Before the questions start hovering in your mind and cloud y