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Client Focus

Is based on the ability to understand internal/external client’s needs and concerns in the short to long-term and to provide sound recommendations and/or solutions.

Level 1

  • Responds to and anticipates client needs in a timely, professional, helpful and courteous manner, regardless of client attitude
  • Clearly shows clients that their perspectives are valued
  • Strives to consistently meet the service standards

 Level 2

  • Follows-up with clients during and after the delivery of services to ensure that their needs have been met.
  • Keeps clients up-to-date on the progress of the service they are receiving and changes that affect them.
  • Ensures service is provided to clients during critical periods.
  • Prioritises clients’ issues and address them accordingly.

Level 3

  • Brings together aspects of a trend or policy into a clear picture for others to understand.
  • Looks for ways to add value beyond clients’ immediate requests and acts on them.
  • Anticipates clients’ upcoming needs and concerns.
  • Explores and addresses long-term client needs.

Level 4

  • Acts as a seasoned adviser, providing independent opinions on complex client problems and novel initiatives, and assists with handling priority issues.
  • Gives the client constructive feedback about issues/problems encountered.
  • Advocates on behalf of clients to senior management, identifying approaches that meet the clients’ needs as well as those of the organisation.

Level 5

  • Builds client’s confidence using own personal reputation and expertise.
  • Knows when it is appropriate to push clients to consider difficult issues and acts accordingly.
  • Determines strategic direction and long-term opportunities to best meet clients’ evolving needs.
  • Monitors, evaluates and, as needed, renews the client service model and service standards.


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Competency Framework (2014).


  • Client Focus
    • Anticipate client needs
    • Follow-up with clients to ensure needs are met
    • Add value and exceed expectations
    • Act as a seasoned advisor on complex problems
    • Take strategic action to meet clients' evolving needs
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