A Great Hire
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A Great Hire

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Created 11:17pm - 07 Dec 2017
This competency profile is based on criteria described by Sam Altman (President of http://www.ycombinator.com/) in his lecture on Team and Execution, part of "Lecture 2: How to Start a Startup" (2014). 

In this lecture, Sam talks about the importance of hiring the right people to build the right team. When looking for talent, he focuses on the following key questions. Prove your value against each of the following important questions and you are bound to be the next great hire.


  • Hire the best!
    • I am smart.
    • I get things done.
    • I am fun!
    • I am a good communicator.
    • I am maniacally determined.
    • I'd make a great supervisor.
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