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Fuud Champion

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Created 6:41pm - 23 Oct 2017

Post photos, videos, comments, testimonials and endorsements as evidence of your excellent work in these core areas of competency. Descriptions of each competency are included; however, please feel free to ask for clarification. 

You can do several things with the evidence that you post:

Share & Showcase
You can share an artefact in our competency.io network to show others what you're doing. 
Defend Merit
You can package the collection of evidence as an e-portfolio to chat with a Manager about your performance. 
Grow & Develop
You can share your digital portfolio with future employers, transfer your skills, and build your professional experience. 

Lastly, don't limit yourself to this competency profile. Source others within your community or through the competency marketplace to identify stretch goals so that you can grow and progress your career while you're working!


  • Fuud Values
    • Making connections
    • Living locally
    • Eating sustainably
    • Having fun!
  • Fuud Experience
    • Customer service
    • Food service
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