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11:41am - 12 MarPublic
When constipation is done, you have to stress while doing stools, due to which there is pressure in the anus.
There can be hemorrhoids on constipation for long periods of time, says Kalp, a doctor of Ayurveda.

Do not delay the piles treatment. With excess bleeding, your body may have blood loss (anemia) due to which fatigue starts to feel and dizziness.

Ayurvedic medicines can be treated, if you have done the right time. For More Information Regarding Piles Treatment Contact us info@kalpayurved.com or 9899128136.

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8:25am - 05 MarPublic
Kalp Ayurved health care clinic is located in Noida Area, which provides effective Ayurvedic treatments for variety of diseases. We are proud of our very talented and hardworking team of Yoga health professionals who are devoted towards our vision to provide relief and good to our patients with our helpful Ayurvedic healthcare solutions.
We at health care clinic know the value of natural ingredients (Tumeric, Sea Salt, Sesame Oil, Lemon and Honey) and in order to keep our clients free from any type of side effects we use only herbal ingredients for preparing our Ayurvedic medicines or products.
We also provide Ayurvedic treatments such as Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Treatment which effectively give relief to patients of kidney stones.
To book appointments with our Experts please call on 9899128136.
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10:40am - 26 FebPublic
Kalp Ayurved clinic/center is a top Ayurvedic care clinic,based in Noida which provides wide range of effectual and reasonably priced Ayurvedic treatments for variety of diseases and ayurvedic products.
We offer broad range of Ayurvedic treatments such as Ayurvedic AsthmaTreatment , Ayurvedic Arthritis Treatment, Ayurvedic Constipation Treatment, Ayurvedic Diabetes Treatment, Ayurvedic Hair loss Treatment, Ayurvedic Headache Treatment, Ayurvedic Insomnia Treatment, Ayurvedic Kidney stone Treatment, Ayurvedic Piles Treatment, Ayurvedic Obesity Treatment.
For More Information Call at 9899128136.
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12:02pm - 21 FebPublic
Kalp Ayurved is a well known Ayurvedic clinic located in Noida area (sector 62) which provides affordable and dynamic Ayurvedic consultation for variety of diseases and health disorders.
In a short time period, we have acquired the reputation of constantly serving our customers with best quality Ayurvedic herbal proprietary and classical medicine. Our young dedicated team of hardworking health professionals has rich industry experience and wide expertise in providing beneficial Ayurveda consultations and products.

We at Kalp Ayurved have experienced Ayurvedic Doctors, Nutritionist & Physiotherapist. We give our patients completely herbal ayurvedic treatments that are totally devoid of any harmful and chemical-rich constituents.
Our Research and Development team is constantly developing various effective Ayurvedic treatments for wide range of diseases including obesity, diabetes, PCOS, male wellness, female wellness etc.
To book appointments with our Experts please call on 9899128136.
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11:37am - 18 FebPublic
Obesity and diabetes are the most big health problems of today's time. Bad lifestyle, bad eating habits are the main reasons, but we can avoid these problems by improving healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

If sugar levels rise in blood, it is beneficial to use such fruits in which the amount of fiber is salty.
According to kalp ayurved health care clinic, there are D-Beta Care Tablets which can control your blood sugar levels. This will help also in controlling diabetes. Once the average sugar level is detected, it becomes easy to fix the drug.

For More Information Visit us kalp ayurved clinic,
Email us at info@kalpayurved.com or call our experts on 9899128136 so our expert will examine your concerns with the best solution.

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9:54am - 15 FebPublic
Problems like tension and anxiety have become a problem in our poor lifestyle and competition in life. According to Ayurveda, stress is a psychological disorder that has many causes.

Stress can increase the person's allergy, asthma, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Fast changing lifestyle, negligence in catering is the reason for which stress is happening.

kalp ayurved doctor explains that for treatment of depression in Ayurveda, he recommended Tenso Reliva Tablet. This medicine is free from the effects of toxin and provides a sense of stability, so that our brain can function properly.

For More inquiry check it kalp ayurved health care clinic or 9899128136
Email us at info@kalpayurved.com


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11:48am - 11 FebPublic
Due to constipation, the patient's stomach cannot be cleaned properly, it takes more time for absorption of fluid in the intestinal intestines, due to which the dry and hard stool becomes more accumulating, and there is a lot of trouble in sacrificing.
kalp ayurved clinic, recommend DigiCare Tab for constipation. Constipation is relieved by taking 15 days continuously. Constipation can be permanently removed easily through Ayurvedic treatment.
To book an appointment with our doctor please call on 9899128136
You can directly book an appointment by sending email on info@kalpayurved.com . Our support team will contact you immediately and assist you.
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11:13am - 27 Dec 2018Public
Ayurveda improves health by making balance between body, mind and soul.
kalp Ayurveda teaches such a way of life, which makes life more and more happy.
Kalp Ayurved 
12:40pm - 20 Dec 2018Public
Due to our growing life, we have to face all the mental stress. Because of this we do not know how many diseases are affected. People treat it as a pain due to gas, tension or exhaustion.
Migraines usually have severe pain in half of the patient's head.
Kalp Ayurved 
10:32am - 17 Dec 2018Public
Located in noida, kalp ayurved medical center is a center where it is taught to live life in ayurvedic way. Here people can learn how to live a good life.
Kalp Ayurved 
1:19pm - 14 Dec 2018Public
Many people have become patients of Kidney Stone due to daily run and disorganized lifestyle. There is no problem in stone, but when its pain arises it becomes unmanageable.
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9:25am - 08 Nov 2018Public
In today’s society of constant exposure to looks, looks matter. People give undue importance to looks and weight forms a crucial part of this. The constant pressure of maintaining looks give unnecessary stress to people which is an important cause of weight gain. https://kalpayurved.wordpress.com/2018/11/08/best-ayurveda-tips-for-losing-weight/
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9:31am - 05 Nov 2018Public
Kalp Ayurved clinic Noida Sector 62, provide best consultation from Ayurvedic Doctor for Headache.
Every age group can take medicine without any side effect. Visit us or call us 0120-6855800
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11:23am - 02 Nov 2018Public
Kalp Ayurved is a pioneering Ayurvedic clinic based in Noida which provides variety of affordable and effective Ayurvedic treatments. We have a young and dynamic team of Yoga health professionals which is deeply committed towards the well-being of our patients and work tirelessly to provide helpful healthcare to patients through various effective Ayurvedic treatments. In today’s environment of toxic medicines and costly medical procedures, our Ayurvedic medicines are completely made of natural ingredients and do not produce any kind of side effects. Our affordable and beneficial Ayurvedic healthcare packages include Ayurvedic treatments for variety of diseases such as Back Pain, Acne, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Migraine, Arthritis and others. At Kalp Ayurved, we give highest priority to the well-being and health of our patients and constantly work towards their relief. http://www.kalpayurved.com/
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8:41am - 13 Aug 2018Public
Kalp Ayurved is a well known healthcare center in Noida that offers reasonably priced and professional Ayurveda consultation for different types of Health diseases. We are proud to have a smart team of ayurvedic doctors that have industry rich experience and wide knowledge in providing effective Ayurvedic consultations and medicines.
It is our objective to make sure that our Kalp Ayurvedic medicines have herbal ingredients that do not produce any side effects of your health. Our Ayurveda treatments consist of different types of treatments including Ayurvedic Asthma Treament, Ayurvedic Arthritis treatment and others.
At Kalp Ayurveda Center, we create our Ayurveda products in such a manner that they will be instrumental in the development and growth of the society.
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