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Flashfit was founded in the year of 2015 with the goal to inspire the most vulnerable age groups, including kids, older adults, and long hour desk workers, towards health and fitness. We have created a virtual platform with rich content in videos, music, and fitness-related topics for improving health and wellness.
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Kids Workout Sessions – Breaks for Brain and Physical Health Development

We are glad that parents, academicians, and health experts are making concerted efforts in developing the children in the most positive environment. The improvement in physical education, educational aspect, and mental awareness bring about a phenomenal change in th
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5 Advantages for A Company With A Perfect Employee Wellness Program

Has your company implemented such a program? We know the conundrums of business, the slogging performances of industries, and are vehemently aware of challenges in the market. The pressure seeps in so deep that pe
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5 Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In Workouts

Kids and workout? Please, even growing gold is easier than this! Well, you can’t grow gold in your gardens, can you? We understand how managing kids could