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How are bad links characterized?

Bad links have the following characteristics:

Links that are not related to your sites

Links that direct to pages with low rank and low traffic

Links from link exchanges

Links from the same anchor texts coming from multiple websites

Links from sites that are not in the Google index

Spammy links

Paid links
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What things should I be focusing on first In Digital Marketing ?

There is a lot of distraction when it comes to digital marketing. Every article you read, every conference you attend, every newsletter that hits your inbox has another list of 10 (or 20…or 30) things you should be doing. But what should you be doing first? As it is said – if everything is important, then nothing is really important. IODED’s philosophy is a very practical one: start with those things that make the biggest difference in the bottom line, based on your industry and the behaviour of customers. Always keep in mind that digital marketing is a process that will play out over time. IODED will help you put first things first.
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