6.5" Lamborghini Hoverboard Launched on Asiwo.com

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It’s no doubt that Lamborghini Hoverboard is the best hoverboard on the market right now. The Lambo Hoverboard comes with Bluetooth Speaker & App Control, it takes to the track with the layout and the classic colors that follow and recall the unmistakable Lamborghini style. As the 8.5” Lamborghini hoverboard is hot selling at last Christmas, now we are happy to launch the new model 6.5 inch Lamborghini hoverboard, it is smaller and lighter, better suit for kids, available colors: Black, Yellow, Green.
6.5 inch Lamborghini hoverboard
Let’s take a look at what the 6.5” Lamborghini hoverboard looks like.

Hightlights of 6.5” Lamborghini Hoverboard

1. 6.5” Wheel and Lamborghini Rim

6.5 Inch Wheel and Lamborghini Rim Hoverboard
6.5” wheel, nimbler, smarter, better suit for kids. And with the Lamborghini iconic LOGO on the rim, so cool, so fashion. I think every children will scream when he/she receive such gift.

2. Dedicated App for control and setting of the driving style.
6.5 Inch lamborghini Hoverboard - Dedicated App for control and setting of the driving style 
The main feature of this Lambo hoverboard is definitely the ability to connect the app to any smartphone for incredible features. 
In fact, available for Android and iOS devices, the app allows you to set the Lamborghini hoverboard in three modes: Road, Sport and Racing. 
You can also monitor the remaining charge of your smart electric hoverboard, keep track of speed and adjust steering sensitivity for optimal, safe driving.

3. LED Lights
Lamborghini Hoverboard - Front and Read LED Lights
Style in design, the front and rear lights refer to the iconic design of the optical group of the cars. Not only a level performance, but also a great aesthetic refinement.

4. Bluetooth Speakers - Original Lamborghini Sounds
Lambo Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers - Original Lamborghini Sounds 
Another big feature that used to be widespread amongst Lamborghini hoverboards were the bluetooth speakers. You can enjoy original Lamborghini Sounds, and play music directly from your phone. I love the sounds when it first turn on the hover board which the sound really like Lamborghini.

5. Lamborghini Original Colors
Now this 6.5” Lamborghini Hoverboard available at three colors: Yellow hoverboard, green Lamborghini hoverboard, and black hoverboard. All of their colors are Lamborghini original colors. So beautiful, so fashion, I believe it will be a new favorite for kids.
Lambo Hoverboard Bluetooth Yellow 6.5 Inch Lamborghini HoverboardGreen Lamborghini Hoverboard 6.5Black Hoverboard 

Don't hesitate, order one for your children now. With its unmistakable ones of the iconic Lamborghini style design, this Lamboghini hoverboard becomes a Super Funny Toys or Gifts for Kids which can bring wonderful time when play together - Enjoy your good time with this magic Hoverboard!