Top Hoverboards for Gift Choices - 5 Best 8.5” Hoverboards

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Happy New Year!
Have you already received gifts? Or send someone gifts? What kind of gifts are you interested in?
These years, i think the hottest gift for kids maybe hoverboards. The hoverboards that are now present in the market come with a message that these are safe, and can be used without any issues, but please make sure you are buying UL2272 certified hoverboard. Now let’s take a look at all the amazing five 8.5" top hoverboards.

Lamborghini Hoverboard
2018 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids. 8.5 inch Lamborghini Bluetooth Hoverboard with Safe UL2272 Certified. It comes with Bluetooth speaker & App controlled features that allow you play music and original Lamborghini sounds directly from your phone. This Red Lambo Hoverboard is also a fun “Just Because” gift for someone special.
lamborghini Hoverboard

Lamborghini Hoverboard Features:

Similar Lamborghini car Design - Design similar with the original Lamborghini car, 8.5" tires built for maximum performance, Lamborghini Hoverboard can go where no board has gone before. The coolest hoverboard on the market.

More Power: Hoverboard Lamborghini Edition speeds up to 15 mph with powerful dual 400W motors.

UL 2272 Certified, Anti-fire Plastic Material Cover Whole Hoverboard.

8.5" bluetooth hoverboard SUV Tire, stronger shell and sturdy structure, Maximum Load 120kg (264.5 lbs)

Bluetooth Speaker & App Control: Play music to your board from your phone.

Rose Gold Hoverboard
8.5" off-road hoverboard for sale. The hoverbaord equipped with 8.5 inch threaded tires that allow smooth ride over all terrain. For the music lovers, we have added a Built-in high quality Bluetooth speaker to allow you play your music when riding the hoverboard.
rose gold hoverboard

Rose Gold Hoverboard Features:

* UL2272 Certified

*8.5” inch All-terrain Tires and Alloy Wheels

*Bluetooth Speaker

*Aluminum Alloy Body Frame Assures Durability

*IP54 Waterproof Certified

All Terrain Hoverboard
The all terrain hoverboard has 400W Dual Motors that help it climb slopes as steep as 15 degree and last over 2 hour. All-terrain design let’s you easily travel over puddles, sand, dirt, and grass.
all terrain hoverboard
All terrain hoverboard features:

Bigger & Better - More foot space, more stable ride and more control from this sophisticated board than others.

More Power - 2x more powerful 400W dual motors fulfill the need for speed, acceleration and drifting.

Size Matters - With wheels built for maximum performance, The Hoverboard can go where no board has gone before.

Go Safer - UL 2272 certification ensures a safe ride with no risks of overheating, or short circuiting.

Go Higher - Reach new heights with this Hoverboard and its ability to power through slopes over 15.

Go Anywhere - All-terrain design lets you easily travel over puddles, sand, dirt, and grass.

Off Road Hoverboard Camouflage
Take your own coolest off road hoverboard with Camouflage Gray color! 8.5" off-road capable Vacuum Tyre hitting speeds of up to 6 MPH for up to 6 miles (2-3 hrs continous ride) with a max 15 degree climb powered by dual 400W motors. Whether you’re traveling along gravelly mountain roads, skimming across grassy plains, or trekking through muddy terrain, this camo hoverboard balance scooter has got you covered.
off road hoverboard camouflage

Off Road Hoverboard Features

For All Riders - The off road hoverboard can handle over 90kg(198 LBs), making it the best choice for riders of all shapes and sizes!

All Terrain - Roll over bumps and inclines up to 15° as you travel through mud, grass, rain, and even gravel.

Mile Range - The off road hoverboard has a 6-mile range, and the capability to reach powered speeds of up to 6 MPH.

8.5” Rugged Tires - Dual rugged, 8.5" tubeless tires designed for all terrain exploration.

Rock While You Ride - The self-balancing hover scooter uses Bluetooth? to play music directly from your phone.

Cool Design & Best Gift Choice - This off-road hoverboard comes with Camouflage Gray color, it is a great choice as a gift for everyone who would like to give it try with unique experience. Especially for outside sporting enthusiasts, this hoverboard with diverse features would be the dream gift for them.

UL 2272 Certified - Electrical, battery, and charging systems are UL 2272 tested and certified.

Self Balancing Hoverboard Sport
The self balancing sport hoverboard equipped with 8.5 inch tires that allow smooth ride over all terrain. Large shock absorbent solid rubber tires to conquer obstacles.Larger wheels help keep you steady while on bumpy terrain.
self balancing hoverboard sport
Self Balancing Sport Hoverboard Features:

Performance - 800W (400W x2) Dual Motors help it climb slopes as steep as 18 degree and lasts over 1 hour and over 10 mile range on a single charge, making it the most powerful balance board on the market.

Bluetooth enabled - Connect to your on-board speaker via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music through your stereo speaker with premium sound quality while riding. It can connect from your computer, laptop, iPhone, Samsung phone, or any other Android device.

Super Smooth & Steady - Whether your are a hoverboard beginner or expert, you can always enjoy the fun of riding. You can practice balancing and general movement or reach the max speed.

Safety - UL 2272 Certified meaning that this product has been tested for electrical and fire-safety to protect you and your loved ones. The Sport features stream-lined racing.