Best Christmas Gifts 2018 for Kids - Lamborghini Hoverboard Suggestion

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Looking for fashion-forward, incredibly fun and up to date Christmas gifs for Kids or someone special? This offical Lamborghini hoverboard has you covered! With its large 8.5 Inch Alloy Wheels, this lamborghini hoverboard is the best gift for kids, teen, and adults for all occasions including Birthday, New Years, Christmas. Valentine’s Day, or simply as a fun “Just Because” gift for someone special.
Lamborghini Hoverboard - Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2018 
Lamborghini official certification 
The Design inspiration of Lamborghini hoverboard comes from the Real Lamborghini car. The aluminum rims are inspired by the line of the original cars, the pattern on the footrests recalls the hexagonal cell structure characteristic of the brand and the front and rear lights refer to the iconic design of the optical group of the cars. These designs are all done with Lamborghini team.
Take a look at this video:
Miniature Lamborghini Wheel Hub
Design same with Lamborghini wheel hub, 8.5" tires built for maximum performance, Lamborghini hoverboard can go where no board has gone before.
Lamborghini Hoverboard Best Christmas Gift - Lamborghini Style Full Rubber Foot Pads 
Lamborghini Style Full Rubber Foot Pads
The pattern design from Lamborghini cool rear vents. The sturdy design increases its durability and enhances the overall user riding experience. Designed with an indestructible aluminum fender wheel cover, durable ABS body chassis, and solid rubber tires.
Lamborghini Hoverboard Best Christmas Gift - Aesthetic Safe LED Lights 

Aesthetic Safe LED Lights
Inspire design by Lamborghini rear lights, not only keep Lamborghini's artistic aesthetic, but also perfect safe for night riding.
Lamborghini Hoverboard Best Christmas Gift - Miniature Lamborghini Wheel Hub 
15-Degree Max Climbing
Lamborghini hoverboard has 400W Dual Motors that help it climb slopes as steep as 15 degree. The dual motors fulfill the need for speed, acceleration and drifting. Go up Higher!
Lamborghini Hoverboard Best Christmas Gift - 15-Degree Max Climbing
15 Mph Max Speed
The capability to reach powered speeds of up to 15 MPH. Lean forward to go faster, lean back to slow down. Experience the hoverboarding with quick speed!
Lamborghini Hoverboard Best Christmas Gift - 15 Mph Max Speed
Bluetooth Speakers
Uses Bluetooth to play music and original Lamborghini sounds directly from your phone.
Lamborghini Hoverboard Best Christmas Gift - Bluetooth Speakers
Comprehensive Safety and Security
Every Lambo hoverboard is designed and built to provide world-class levels of safety and security, a top priority for Lamborghini. UL 2272 tested and certified self balancing board with UL2271 Certified Smart Battery. Strictest Production Process, hundreds of thousands of tests regarding to safety regulations.
8.5" hoverboard SUV Tire
UNRIVALLED ROAD PRESENCE, this big all-season tire delivers great stopping power, grass,durability, and traction, even in light snow. You'll feel safe. No matter what sort of road you're in. Rated IP54 for solidness and water resistance.
Lamborghini Hoverbaord - 8.5 inch hoverboard SUV Tire

The hoverboard is only need 3 minutes for everyone to learn. This lamborghini hoverboard should be a great choice as a birthday or Christmas gift for everyone with unique experience. Especially for outside sporting enthusiasts, this hoverboard with diverse features would be the dream gift for them.
Choice Best Christmas Gifts - Lamborghini Hoverboard 
There are four colors available. Just choice your best one now.